In the battle of chocolate vs sweets. Sweets ALWAYS win. Shoot me! (AC: I’m sorry it’s chocolate all the way for me!!!)

Sooo in light of this, I had a huge bag of Sour Skittles during most of the night and at around 1am I was totally high!

Taste the rainbow, Feel the rainbow – was definitely feeling the Rainbows


Soo at that point I got bored and wanted company and sought out my sister to have some fun, unbeknown to me she was still sleeping. Or at least trying to…I didn’t care

I proceeded to start a conversation, going on about all kinds of rubbish – no I’m not going into details about it! She was just getting more and more annoyed at me but I didn’t care.

It came to a point when she just kicked me out after some shoving n hushed shouting cos if mum was woken up all hell would break loose!

Just a little insight of my fun times at home when sweets are in abundance for me 😂