Had a pretty hard time choosing a quote for the week as I’ve been going through so much this year but even more recently over the past few months. Finally found one that seemed to fit my general mood:

If you were me, you’d know. But you’re not, so don’t think you do. ~ Rachel Wolchin

I feel this applies to so many people who feel like people have given them this box to stay put in. It feels like you can only be that person they think you are and if you stray from that then your acting crazy or out of control. People fail to understand that, people are complex creatures, just because we decided to show you one side of many doesn’t mean you know all and it sure as hell doesn’t give you the right to place us in categories “more suited for us”. It does aggravate me so much as I’ve struggled with it for so long and only now have I decided to throw away the damn box and just be me, it feels so goooood! I didn’t mean for this to be long but it’s a touchy subject. I will leave you with this, only you know who you truly are, no one else – not even the closest person to you right now.

Let no one make you think or feel otherwise