Lil Sis falling out the bed while on the phone with Ally.

Okay, guys got another story for yaaa! This one involves Ally! So we were on the phone one day having one of our long ass conversations while I was chilling with my lil sis..(J9)

At some point during the call, I kid you not I see in slow motion J9 fall off the bed in the clumsiest way possible and land in the fetal position not moving.

After a moment of shock, I burst out laughing just as Ally asking in a voice of high concern “What the hell was that?” “Did someone just die? (I’m still laughing…sis is still on the floor) “Answer me woman!” After collecting myself I managed to answer her “J9 just fell off the bed” 😂😂

I know some of you are probably wondering why am I not rushing to aid her but please understand I was crippled with laughter so yeah, I couldn’t move at that point.


I did ask if she was okay and then she started laughing and said “I really need the toilet, I need to pee so bad” which made me laugh even more cos she hadn’t moved since falling off the bed. Ally heard this and started laughing as well which started the whole bloody cycle again!

So J9 is now slightly crippled in her position and needing the toilet but can’t seem to move. I’m like “you better hurry up and go cos you’re not going in here” You’ve got Ally on the phone laughing and making comments and me just sitting there frozen so all of us were laughing now.

AC: I think I made the comment about how you’d have to clean it up and you were like I ain’t cleaning that up… and something about if you make a mess, your arse better find that bleach and clean it up! Which led to more laughter.

It was just a very weird and funny moment that I decided to share with you all.

Hope you enjoyed! 😉