Moving Back Home 🏠

For someone who does everything in life last minute, moving back home from uni was interesting, to say the least!

  1. Somehow I feel like even though I left with pretty much the same amount of stuff I originally had… stuff that fitted into my room before I left for uni, now doesn’t fit! (WHAAAAT??!!) Can someone please explain how to me.
  2. Finding ways to pack everything in a way it will fit in your dad’s car.
  3. Realising there are only two of you and it’s a warm day and you’re gonna have to walk back and forth to get all your stuff in the car!!
  4. Being ready to give up!!
  5. Because if I didn’t mention before I lived on the tenth floor and had to get in a hot elevator that felt like it was gonna break down any second.
  6. Once everything is in the car you just want to curl up and die… but then realise you have to unpack the car when you get home.
  7. Realising that you should have just stayed at home for uni!!!!
  8. Then feeling like you’ll never be able to walk or stand up again because your back is officially messed up after lugging all your shit around… WHHHHYYYY??!!

So overall it was stressful!