Authors That Made an Impact!

AC: Mwahahaha *when you are too lazy to start a blog post but you want the page to save šŸ˜‚šŸ¤£*
JJ: Don’t laugh this is important!
AC: Honestly, the laughing was not even a thing… I think it was when I was originally opening the blog post.

Well, let’s start with the greats shall we: let’s see we’ve got Roald Dahl, J.K Rowling, Michael Morpurgo…Ally. you got any more?

Well, Jay, there is Lewis Carroll, Enid Blyton, Dr Seuss, Beatrix Potter, A. A. Milne, C. S. Lewis… to be honest, the list could go on for forever!!!
AC: This is so not gonna be one post thing.

AC: One author who has made a lasting impact on me is J. K. Rowling and I have done a post called What Harry Potter Means to Me?Her Harry Potter Series was the first book series that I read on my own without the help of my parents and it is a book series from my childhood that I will always go back to no matter how old I get!

JJ: My turn to write and I don’t know what to write, kind of feeling right now…… Micheal Morpurgo was great!

AC: *Rolling my eyes* Growing up some of the stories that stay with me are Dr Seuss (any of his works), Beatrix Potter (The Tale of Peter Rabbit), A. A. Milne (Winnie the Pooh), Enid Blyton (Famous Five) and so many more!!! I remember listening to some of them as I child and having most of them read to me by my mum and even at times going back and reading them when I was older. Some, of these stories, have stayed with me to this day like Enid Blyton’s Famous Five. These books consisted of a group of 5 friends going on adventures together… to be fair it has been a while and I can’t fully remember if they were family, but I learnt that the people you have in your life can influence the decisions you make… maybe I should go back and reread them soon! Not gonna lie, too many books to be rereading series at the moment. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

JJ: Okay, let’s try this again, reading the works of Morpurgo was going on a wild adventure without ever having to leave the room. Sounds cliche I know, but that’s honestly how I felt when I read his books. Roald Dahl was another favourite of mine all through primary I feel like I related to him the most, I’m sure The Twits, Matilda, The Witches comes to mind. Moving on to High School, my reading experience expanded as I joined a book club, got a library card had access to hundreds of books I thought I was gonna go crazy. From there I met Cathy Cassidy and Becca Fitzpatrick – we all love a bit of Patch – which started my boy crazy dreams and facilitated my very first book boyfriends.

AC: I don’t think we should go onto the topic of book boyfriends… or Patch for that matter, otherwise this post will be going on for days!!! I feel like as I went into Secondary School, I became more obsessed with Vampires, Angels, Werewolves and the Supernatural. The range of books I read in Secondary is crazy, I’m pretty sure my head was stuck in a book and very much like Rory Gilmore I always… ALWAYS had one with me!

JJ: Very true Ally, I think I more preferred Angels than any other fantasy creature. Shoutout to L.A. Weatherly who gave me my first angel! There’s really not enough time to truly comment how much someone’s writing has impacted our lives but we’re so so so grateful! Don’t know what person I would be without them. ā¤

AC: I agree with you Jay, some of the authors we have mentioned and so many more have made some of the biggest impacts on our lives and shaped us into people we are today… they have inspired us to chase the dreams we have and to do so much more in our lives and I don’t know if I could even begin to list the many, many authors who I have to thank! ā¤ļøā¤ļø