#NailedIt – 1st Year

It’s finally over!

tenor (1)

It was more like throwing all the paper in recycling!

I learnt in uni that there are many types of people… especially when it comes to exams! We have the early birds who start the revision regime right after that first lecture, the ones who’ve spent money on the recommended reading. Have watched the videos posted on the classes timeline and commented; for good measure. Effectively used up the time slots with their lecturer, writing the practice essays for them to look at… I could go on but you know the ones I’m talking about :[ :[

W-E   W-E-R-E   N-O-T   T-H-O-S-E   P-E-O-P-L-E

We are the people who thrive under pressure, but what we found in our last set of exams; there was no pressure… there was no burning need to revise to ensure our placement next year. There was only that meh feeling of I guess this is what I have to do so I am gonna lie in bed and pretend to listen to what they say as I scroll through our social media.