So, we are bad bloggers… I blame laziness.

Ally: Jay we both know we can’t blame lectures or revision because neither of us has done much of either!!

Jay: TRUUEEE THHAAT! Which has really been a shame because it meant making up for the time that was lost.  I love the fact that we just had a massive vacay during the teaching period.

Ally: I couldn’t put it better myself… let’s just say summer started pretty much after our January exams! But, guys REVISE AND GO TO CLASS!!!! Don’t do what we do! We normally leave it till the last minute and then maybe, just maybe stress about it! Not a good method.

Jay: Definitely not, bad traits that were carried over from college – last minute business; uggh. Must say, sitting in the exam hall watching everyone leave after just an hour made me feel like crap! But in truth, I left shortly after due to the shame of really not knowing a thing 😦

Ally: Preach, the amount of bullshit I wrote just to get out so I wouldn’t have to spend 2 hours in that room… I’m not gonna lie near the end my only thought was I only need 40% to get into next year… as well as, do I really wanna be here next year. 

In general, our exams were interesting, to say the least. You realise a lot when it comes down to those final exams! Just make sure you leave enough time to go over all the information given to you  – preferably before the week of the exams 🙂


P.S Hope all of you lot get the results you wanted…..pray for us!