Impulse: Music Inspiration 🎶

Music is God’s gift to earth, no one in their right mind would debate the matter but I just thought of the lyrics that most of us choose to live by so here are a few of my favs 😄

  1. …. Wait – Hold up!

Now before you jump on me about not showing your favourite artist lets reiterate that these are MY favs so there should be no hating just appreciate the words that are said (thought I’d throw out a disclaimer for my own safety) I’ll also put links to the songs at the end just in case you wanna have a listen!

So in no particular order:

1.”Had to find a new approach to an old dream” “This is me so please accept me for who I am, And please accept me for what I do, I’m just doing everything that I can ‘Cause all I wanna be is true” TRU Lloyd mmmhhmmm, I absolutely love this song because it has helped me through some tough times and I believe that he speaks volumes about what people are feeling but not willing to say! Wouldn’t you agree? 🤔



2.“There’s not a minute, hour, day or night that I don’t love you” “We’ve come a long way and yet this is only the beginning” Never Too Much Luther Vandross This right here is one of my favourite love songs because it shows the ups and downs of every love story. If you are ever in need of finding the right words Vandross will always be there. 😍

3. “If you acknowledge the pain, And you wanna change; you can get through anything” Together, Demi Lovato When I first heard this song, it got me so emotional I almost cried – I’m actually so serious, I was legit tearing up. It’s such an encouragement for when you’re going through those rough days. Added awareness of world peace in there too! 🌎

4. “Whatever you do, just don’t believe what they say. ‘Cause they don’t believe you like I believe in you anywdancingay. So whatever you do, whatever you do, babe, Just don’t believe what they.” What They Say, Zara Larsson This song is actually life for me! Hands down one the best songs that have actually impacted my life in a way that I didn’t think was possible. For a person that has been put down too many times, this is a reminder to screw them and just do me. 🔥

5. “Holy father, one who’s great. Every lesson helped me strengthen my faith, by your spirit inducing grace, I live to see another day in this race.” You Did J Moss This song will always have a place in my heart; it’s been a lifeline. I have a very strong Christian faith so these words are practically life for me! Just listening to this gave me the confidence I needed to go on another day. 🙏

Even though I have so many songs  – 000s – I thought I’d start off with just a small amount it. Now, looking at the list there isn’t really any “popular” songs and that is purposely done; not all songs will speak to you. Most of those are just feel good, lit, in the moment songs but when you need something to speak to your core that spoken words can’t express, they’re no help.

Have you ever thought why you love the songs you do? What causes you to listen to them on repeat?? You might surprise yourself with the answer you get!

Links (as promised)