Does something happen and just remember a random moment? I do all the time, it could be something as simple as someone walking past and their perfume smells familiar and I remember my friends or family.

It honestly just makes me smile and feel warm. I have to admit that it has happened a lot more since I moved out to uni. It catches me off guard which leads to me sitting there smiling and laughing making me look slightly crazy! I’m cool with that because it makes me feel less lonely at times. I guess it’s a coping mechanism.

One memory that I have been thinking a lot about lately is of last summer when my mum and I were away in Tenerife by the pool we had managed to get a moment alone together from my Gran (It sounds bad, but it was a hot day and we both wanted some peace!) and we were lying on the sun loungers until my mum pulled out a pack of cards and we sat there laughing and playing cards… there were a lot of moments like this that we got to have! I feel that in those moments are when my mum and I became closer and it makes me so happy and makes me miss her that much more. (When I am writing this she is currently in Zimbabwe with her family, enjoying her time before she heads off to Mauritius to spend time with her dad).


So, guys tell me if you guys ever get these waves of memories and share them with us!