How We Review Books!

We are looking forward to posting some book reviews and we want to share with you on how we plan on rating them.

  • On Goodreads: So, this rating you will see is our Goodreads rating and along with that, we will link it to the Goodreads page for the book.
  • My Initial Expectations: This rating is about what we thought when we picked up the book. It is based on what we knew about the book, why we bought the book and what reviews we had heard about the books.
  • Plot Rating: This is self-explanatory, but this about our feelings on the plot.
  • Characters Ratings: This is another self-explanatory one, but this about our feelings on the characters.
  • In Reality: This rating is about whether it met our expectations, exceed expectations or didn’t meet our expectations.
  • Overall Rating: This is a total of Plot, character and in reality.

I hope this helps you decide what book to pick up next.