My Camp America Journey (Part 1)

Judging by the title I’m thinking you know where I’m going with this… yesss I’m going to take you through my adventure of working at Camp this summer! Granted I haven’t started yet but I will be updating you guys when I do. Sooo let us start at the beginning, shall we?
The Preparation Stage:

Well first of all, if I was to take it back to the beginning the decision to start this formulated a few years back while I was still in school because I was so in love with America (noww present day that’s debatable). But I will say when I decided to start the process this year there is a lot of paperwork involved.


Granted a lot of the forms I had to do were online but it got tedious at times and I know that if it wasn’t for Ally who at the time was doing it with me I would’ve just quit the whole thing. I would have definitely done a Sheldon.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself because you guys don’t even know why I decided to do this in the first place. ugh… do I really wanna know this *sigh* Weeeelllll you don’t…have to read this if you don’t want to – skip to the next paragraph. I decided to do this since the tender age of about 14, no scratch that more like 15-16 just before doing my GCSEs it came up as one of those promotional emails you know the ones that you just throw in junk without paying them any mind, yeah those. I honestly just skimmed it, saw three important words: Travel, Summer, Paid. That’s all I needed to see really cos I didn’t care about the other stuff. So after passing a preliminary call but then being shut down from my parents that blossomed the goal of doing this someday. Fast forward a few years later after GCSEs, A levels and only just starting my degree; finally doing it!

After filling out the initial application things got pretty easy, you’d have to have a telephone and face-to-face

Captureinterview to discuss why you believe you would be a perfect fit for camp. Word of advice if you want to or think about doing this, have some sort of tolerance for kids because they are sought of the main reason why you’re there. Just like any form, you have to talk about yourself but this one’s a little different this is more about

your abilities, hobbies and interests because essentially you will be partaking in some activity with the kids and kinda need to know what you’re doing or you could just apply to be a general counsellor.

stickman-forms_tcm31-58951         Look out for Part 2!