Journal Entry #207

Back for another entry, figured out more about me yet??? Let me know!

“Been a while hasn’t it – lol!! Well FB has brought to my attention that today marks a year that I and dearest became friends and started talking which is crazy seeing how things have progressed since then. But yeah just wanted to document that and in exactly one week it will be our 6month anniversary. I swear this one went and came quicker than the last one, he might just make a year but I don’t know how long is left for us if I’m, honest!! I mean I love him and love being with him. It’s just that I can’t quit hearing my mum saying not to settle and if I think about marrying this guy – still a ways to go – will I be proud of who he is; will I be okay looking at everyone else’s relationship and still be secure enough in my own. Which is all just making my brain scramble right now and it’s leaving me like urgghh!!!

  • What am I suppose to do?
  • Is this for me?
  • Do I stay? leave? Am I prepared to do either?

Anyway, let’s just leave well enough alone!!!”