#DramaLlama – Fire Alarm!

Okay, honestly don’t care what people do in their dorm rooms but come on if you’re gonna smoke go outside. I don’t care if it is an effort to go from the 10th floor all the way to the ground just for you to smoke. If I can smell it from a room which is 5 doors down there is something wrong!

One of the girls in my flat set off the fire alarm causing both Jay and I to be startled into action to get out of the room. I was being productive and getting some notes done, but no the idiots decided they would smoke something or aggravate the damn fire alarm. It’s not even funny that thing is so damn loud. Lord have mercy!!!!


Additionally, they are obnoxiously loud at 3-5am on days in have 9am lectures. I am honestly surprised I have been this tolerable of it! There is one thing people should know about me and it is not to mess with my DAMN sleep. Sleep is precious and should never be messed with!