When it’s time for learning; you learn. Me, I go on holiday (Part 2)

Remember when I said, “I’d rather be lying on a beach than sitting in a dull classroom.”…..Think back to July time…is it coming back to you?

No.? Well then, let’s do a little recap…1st Stop NYC – 2nd Stop Canada – 3rd Stop Jamaica

If you haven’t figured it out and still a little be confused, go to our archives and find the name of this post – all will be revealed. Now let’s get on with the HOLIDAY TIME ADVENTURE!!!!!

4th Stop Jamaica – AGAIN!!

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YAAAASSSSSSS another trip abroad granted I only missed a couple of days off uni this time but that was minor! So let’s add a little context to this trip, first off this was very out of the blue as I wasn’t made aware of the trip until about 6-8weeks prior to me needing to leave. Being a bridesmaid in a wedding is a lot of work already, being one for a wedding in a different country, that’s a little more tricky. Remember, everything that comes with a wedding the organisation of it – I couldn’t be apart of it (sad face). Anyways asides from the wedding, I went to another party and spent Christmas and New Years there as well (The Hennessy NYE Party was really cool). 


Overall, did I have fun? Yes! Absolutely.

Was everyone jealous? Yes, yes they were. I mean come on who wouldn’t be?? Not that I can blame them lool.

Was I sad when I had to come back? No, not really because it’d been almost a month and I was longing for my home and friends etc. Plus the fact that I had my January exams literally within days of me coming back – Touch down Thursday, the first exam the following Monday. To say I was cutting it close was an understatement! But I will miss my home countrym doh

P.S. Just for you guys I will let you know that I made the colossal mistake of leaving my passport at mine completely forgetting that I had to fly out in less than three days only to go back to mine grab the passport and leave my laptop charger. So, I had to fly out without my laptop so no revision was done for the exams I had just days after I came back.

Hope I added a little joy x