What Harry Potter Means To Me?

I went home last weekend and like most people, I spent my night before going to sleep watching YouTube videos. The videos I ended up watching were about Harry Potter, the making of it and about Fantastic Beasts. During that week both Jay and I had been rewatching the Harry Potter films and it got me thinking about what I love so much about them.

I guess what makes me love the series so much is that I was the first book series that I started on my own and I loved. I had read books in primary school that was required reading, but this was the book series I decided to read on my own. I remember going to see the films when they were coming out, even though I was only 4 when the first film came out! In year 5/6 was when I decided that I wanted to read the books because I felt I was ready I started just before the publication of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. I powered through those books within two years, this is when I decided that I wanted to become an author. To shape peoples lives with the written word just like J. K. Rowling did for me!

These are some of my go-to books and films to escape from what’s going on in my life.

giphy (1)

This is the story that I read or watch when I feel homesick or I just need some comfort. It got me thinking that I am going to be re-reading and watching the series this year if any of you would like to come along for the ride. There could be group discussions on our Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter along with our Goodreads. SO, leave a comment down below if you are willing to take part!