Journal Entry #056

Hey guys, back again with yet another entry. Again, these are things that have already happened so not judging. Remember it’s Real Life, Real Drama…

“…Right now I just need to let loose.

Late night, that was a nightmare. I didn’t think that some of my closest relationships would just blow up in my face, this is too much. I’m questioning one of my girl’s motives and we have quite a close relationship but not that close really. I don’t know where her head is at and maybe I’m just being paranoid but anyway that’s just how I am.

Next comes the boys, the two main boys that have a significant part in my life. One called quits on our friendship because of the other, dem two have been at each other since timmmme and I always knew that I would become hurt as a result cos I’m the one that’s in the middle of it all. With all of this on my mind, it doesn’t help the fact that the other boy is being such a jerk about things like he doesn’t even care. Or seem to care for that matter… I’m on the verge of losing my mind right before one of the biggest nights of the year and I’m not even half prepared for that

I’m vexed and frustrated, I wanna cry but I don’t. I wanna punch something but I can’t. I don’t want to deal with this but I have no choice in the matter. Whats done is done,

I’m DONE with everything. “

Alright, something a little deeper but I’m trying to give more of a perspective maybe next time something with a little more adventure.