Journals: Are they the real windows to our soul?

pexels-photo-289241.jpegIt’s through the common belief that the eyes are indeed the windows to the soul. Ever had that one friend that would be “Look me in the eyes so I know you’re not lying” or “Look me in the eye and say it!” and just to prove you’re right, you do? Or when you’re crushing hard on that guy/girl you like, looking everywhere but directly into their eyes.

Don’t make that face, we’ve all done it! We have all gone along with this belief that when you look someone in the eye, you can see the real them, they can’t lie or hide the truth in them. How did we come to that conclusion, was it created by someone or did it just naturally come about? A lot of questions I know but seriously think about that for a sec.


I dare pose the question why? Why have we believed this to be true? When was the first time we realised? Was it always like this? Why hasn’t anybody challenged it? Well, I’m gonna do just that. While I think the eyes are very strong candidates for windows to the soul I put forward the Journal. I know some of you are thinking A journal? Whats a journal? It’s a little notebook you write all your thoughts and feelings down, the things the excite you and frighten you, the things you achieve; sometimes lose, the things you question and the things you hold most dear to your heart. Still don’t get it? okay, I’ve got two words for you Elena Gilbert.

 — This is the part you Google it or ask Siri —


Granted I’m using a journal as an umbrella term, sometimes its the memo’s on your phone or tablet or scribbles on pieces of paper that you keep in a folder (In my case all of the above). However you jot it down, the point is you use writing to take what you have inside and bring it to the outside. Now sometimes this can go beyond yourself into things like books and scripts but I’m not going into that where the writer isn’t writing about themselves but other people. Come to think of it, an autobiography is essentially a journal of that person’s life.

I’ll be posting excerpts from a journal – mine – to show people how much you can see into a person’s soul by what they write to themselves. First one coming right after this post so look out for it!!

P.S I know I’ve been gone for a while but its great to be back x