Journal Entry #136

Now before we begin, I would like to remind you, the drama that happens is real, a few details may be adjusted for the privacy of those involved other than that Happy Reading!

” Thought I’d start off with a new page – cheeky I know hehehehehehe. Ok – enough. Today has been interesting apparently according to Facebook today marks the 1yr Anniversary that A and I became friends on the site which is quite unbelievable to be honest because I have never seen them do this with my other friends that I have been friends with for years so it’s quite remarkable. But on a more spiritual level, I didn’t fast today, and to be honest, no if I’m truly honest I really did not want to. With the quiz finishing so early and A talking about pancakes it was just to easy to give in to the very nicely crafted temptation; don’t feel tomorrow is going to be any better but one can still hope ((10 – 15mins later))

Hi again, I’m back but yeah. This whole no food thing is hard, like really hard right now especially during this time. I can’t even…”

Let’s apologise for any grammar, remember its a journal, you write down as it comes to you! And please feel free to send in any journal entries, I’d be happy to put them up!