Soul crushing, devastated, losing the will to live are just a few of the emotions I have been feeling while I have been revising for the last week… yep you read right, I have only been revising for the last week for three of my university exams! Ohhhh, how I haven’t learnt from the past.

How have I been getting through this you may ask.

I don’t even know anymore.

Deep breaths and a shit tonne of coffee, I mean unhealthy amounts of coffee… think I might need to go on a coffee cleanse (hahahaha! naaah not gonna happen, I always go back to coffee).


I was like its Christmas I will chill and revise. What did I do? The chill part watched Supernatural, Gilmore Girls, Friends, Criminal Minds, Castle and so much more. All those hours I could of been revising and instead I did nothing. Which to be fair sounds about right!

I’m not gonna lie I felt like throwing in the towel, I had that sick feeling at the bottom of my stomach. But, after a good cry and hug with my mum, she told me what I needed to hear that I’m being stupid and that the only person that is stopping me from succeeding is myself!

So, I finally got into the groove of revision and feeling good about it, absorbing all the information and feeling slightly more successful in the revision front. Let’s just hope the exams go just as well! – Let’s be honest it didn’t last long.

Exams suck big time! Ensure you are 100% sure you want to go to university and I’m not talking about the parties, I’m talking about making a huge commitment and the willingness to spend way too much money on a piece of paper saying you’ve got a qualification.