New Year’s Resolution

It’s a New Year and is a time to make changes in your life… hopefully for the positive!


I think my biggest resolution is to improve on my social life cause I am definitely awful at that! But, who knows it’s all up to us and lets see how things go!!!

Over the years I have always said that I want to loose weight and improve on myself… which I’m still planning to do😂. It is always interesting to see what new resolutions I add! So, here are a few of my resolutions:

  1. Read and write more!
  2. Post more on Instagram, Twitter and on the Blog (seriously I am awful at it!)
  3. Try and procrastinate less… not likely, but wishful thinking!
  4. Take new opportunities.
  5. Explore everything that I have been putting off for so long.

I feel like the last two are the ones that I want to mainly focus on, along with my social media and this blog. Finding the chance to explore every opportunity this world has to offer me I think will do me some good boost my confidence in myself… and HOPEFULLY give me a more positive outlook on myself as a person!

As Jay would say it is all about the small steps you take to get to the end goal! 😘 Thank you girl for having so much confidence in me.

I am Just hoping this blog becomes more about adventures and chances!

Time For Reflection!!!

This year has been eventful! I left college and now I am at university, I moved out of my family home and now live in halls… which is an experience! I have learnt a lot about myself within the short time span of leaving home and it is liberating! It’s definitely an experience I would suggest to everyone. I’ve had the opportunity to find new people who make me laugh and appreciate everything that I have more than ever. I’ve had the chance to read books that honestly make me laugh out loud it is truly magnificent! I am so thankful for everything and I can only hope that next year just continues to get better!