Almost The End!

So, one festivity is finished and another one to go for this holiday season, I hope you have your resolutions ready for the new year!!!!

This holiday season is always filled with stress whether it’s a festivity, revision for January exams, spending long periods of time with family and trying not to kill them, or it’s work. People never really get the break they need or want. Children need to be entertained, parents want to drink, but have young kids they have to be responsible for… the list is truly never ending.

Let’s face it this whole thing from the shopping to the dinner is filled with arguments and stress (well mine is!), but it is what it is! I have been frustrated, stressed and annoyed with my family because I haven’t had a moment to myself! Call me selfish, but I just need that one moment to myself to unwind and relax or to do some revision, but as always true to form my parents call me to do something. Grandmother moans all the way through a meal… as usual! But, that’s what my life is and I know it.

This holiday all I wanted to do was watch movies with my parents, curl up with a good book and sit and talk to my brother before he goes away for a month. But, I didn’t get the opportunity to do all that. It’s okay I’m use to it now.

It’s almost the end of the year and I plan to go into the New Year in piece and quiet. EVERYONE is out or away which means I can curl up watch a film and then light a candle run a hot bubble bath and kick back with a book and bottle of Prosecco!

But, I hope you guys have had a wonderful year and have a great New Year.

Lots of love,

Ally Cat xx

P.S. try not to stress!!!