Review: Life and Death.

Life and Death by Stephenie Meyer.


Rating: 4.5/5

Twilight Reimagined. It’s a gender reversed twilight with a twist!

Discuss characters name.

Ally Cat: At first I didn’t like the names, it was hard to adjust to the change of the names. It was made easier to know who was who by keeping the first letters of all the names the same. I feel once you get into the flow of the story it becomes so much easier to know who is who.

Jay: Yh I kinda agree with you there Ally, the names confused the hell out of me, almost to the point where I had to put the book down a couple of times just to comprehend them. I think that the names could have been better but I do give props for Eydthe yes thats how it’s spelt for those who don’t know. That speaks about a different time and place which fits her character to the T.

Ally Cat: Are your favourite characters still the same in this version of the book?

How we feel about the gender reversal?

Ally Cat: I loved it! It was amazing. It added something refreshing to the story and it brought it back to life.

Jay: Yes! Oh my God, yes! I loved it soo much. Ally had begged me read for time and I’m finally glad I did. This ‘flip’ is genius.

Ally Cat: Knew you’d enjoy it 😊

The ending?

Jay: I definitely prefer this ending than Twilight cos I think it speaks more of Beau’s character and love to be honest. It shows that sometimes we have to live with the First decisions we make as we have a habit of changing our minds so frequently. Give it a try, whenever given the option always go for the first one you choice, don’t change your mind, see what happens 😉

Ally Cat: I’m with you there Jay. There is something about this ending which is so satisfying. It was an in the moment decision which will forever have a domino effect on his life and it’s so true in the world we live in and the lives we lead. 

The story itself?

Ally Cat: I found that I enjoyed this version of the story more than Twilight itself.

Jay: I swear we’re agreeing so much recently.. Let hope it lasts lol. Yh, I totally loved this version, baring in mind I watched all the Twilight Saga movies before getting into the book if Meyer wrote this first I would have read it in a heartbeat and I don’t like male viewpoints in a book unless its a dual narrative but this is definitely in my list of favorite reads.

How the characters act?

Jay: Well as I said the names got me so figuring out the characters took time, once I got that down I liked how the characters acted. I think everyone came out more in this version, the Cullens obviously will always have my heart!

Opinions on Beau

Ally: Beau is almost childlike with they eat he acts and he is. I feel like as much as Bella could be annoying more aspects of her could have been incorporated into Beau himself. 

Jay: Yeaah Ally, Beau totally doesn’t seem like the typical 17yr old boy but comes across more like 14/15. Granted he is socially awkward and would totally seem that way which I guess speaks about his character. In contrast to Bella I prefer him more and I could relate to him more – understand him better.

Opinions on Edythe

Ally Cat: I love Edythe, she was funny, witty and self assured. 

Jay: Same here, she had me in tears at one point. Her sass was a beauty to read! If only this could become a movie…

Well you’ve heard our opinions, do agree, disagree, feel like we’ve just wasted our time… feel free to comment your thoughts!