Sun 17th Sept

Day 1

So, finally I have moved from home to my on-campus accommodation. Let me tell you one thing my dorm room is a damn mess.

tenor 2

It was a lot better than I thought it was going to be… granted if my mum was here there would have been floods of tears, loads of hugging and me telling her to leave it I want to unpack later. At last, I have flown the nest and I have landed in a new city excited to create a new life for myself and start afresh!

The current focus is to unpack my stuff and maybe relax kick up my feet watch a movie and settle into my new surroundings because next week is freshers and the socialising is going to begin… wish me luck because I am going to need it!

So, with a bottle of wine, many snacks and cups of tea I am slowly working through all my things. It is honestly going a bit quicker than I thought it would be. People are going out for the night to party and drink and here I am writing a blog post and slowly unpacking all my stuff. I am slowly making decisions on where I want things to be and how I want my room to look… yet there are still things that I have somehow managed to forget (the story of my life!). But, so far so good.

I swear I am finding any way to procrastinate unpacking everything… it is bad! Watching Netflix, colouring in, going to the kitchen to make tea and get water, etc. the list is truly never ending! Talking about drinks I think I need some more water.

Mon 18th Sept.

Day 2

The process goes on… but now I can see the floor!

giphy 3

I still have a mountain to climb… but, I am getting there, slowly but surely. It’s more about where I want to put things and how I want it to be organised. So, after a two-day process, I managed to complete unpacking all my shit! Now it is time to relax and get food.