I Don’t Know!

Okay, so currently my shit is still all over the place… not gonna lie a bit more together than it was originally, but it is still all over the place! As I am writing this post there are children in my neighbours garden screaming… oh lord kill me now!


^^^ This is me in every way and form. Now I don’t mind them having fun and making as much noise as they want, but when it has been ALL DAY I am ready to call for blood! It’s coming up to 8pm isn’t it there bedtime?

Anyway that was off tangent, I am questioning my life… which is normal. But, it’s been a difficult couple of days in the sense of reading and my attention span. For some reason I cannot stick to one book and I don’t know why is it because I read so much last month or is because I’m just being lazy? I haven’t decided. But, it’s not just my reading habits I am questioning it is also our blogging habits and also my general socialising habits. I have realised, based on today I don’t really require to leave my room unless it is for food and drink. I don’t really need to talk to people… I don’t have the urge or the dying need to interact with other people. I am not saying it’s not there, I’m just saying more often than not the need isn’t there.

I know the reason there hasn’t been any uploads is because we are lazy and also extremely busy with the preparations for uni and everything. It strange to think in a month we will no longer be living at home and that we will be leaving for uni.

So, it has been a couple of days since I originally started to write this post, but I feel like I need to finish this post and uploading this. I have been feeling kinda bleh, mainly because of my mind set and I am working on that! I feel a bit better, I have been just going to bed at 4/5am and then waking up at 12/1pm and I feel like I am just not getting things done in the day and I feel super unproductive. But, I am planning to make a change about my sleeping pattern and maybe even my days productivity. I need to make a plan for the rest of the week and hopefully get through it… fingers crossed 🤞😬.

So, let’s see how it goes and I will try and let you know… let us know how your summer is going and if you are picking up any good books.