Get My Shit Together.

Currently my life is a mess. When I say mess, I mean my shit is all over the place, it is time I got my shit together. I feel so unmotivated and not really wanting to do anything for the blog, a project I’m working and just my general life. I understand have your eggs in multiple baskets, but when you can’t find the basket or not sure were you’ve placed it you’re losing it!

Is people telling you to get your shit together meant to help? Because, currently I don’t know where half my shit is. The list of things I need to do is never ending and I don’t even know where to start. Reading last month I did so well… go check out my wrap up to see. But, now my mojo is gone. I want to read and maybe it’s because I’m too tired to do anything… I DON’T KNOW! My mum has told me to get my shit together way to many times and it isn’t helping, its most probably making it worse.

So, my end plan for this month… hopefully is to read, write and pack my shit up so I am ready for September and to move to uni. So, much stuff to buy so little time and energy to do it! Lot’s of things are already semi organised. HAHAHA, who are we kidding nothing is organised (seriously may be going slightly crazy!).

But, I am planning to sort everything else out and get more proactive with the blog and my life… let’s see how that goes!