The Grand Plan…

If there is one thing I learnt from studying business is that it is essential to have a plan to know where you are going with your life. To be honest, I’m still not 100% sure where I plan on going… but it’s going somewhere!

Like Jay said we all have routines even if we don’t call the routines… maybe you call it a habit and like all habits some are hard to break.

If we are honest we don’t really have a plan and if you do… well good for you! You know what you wanna do, have a general idea of how to get there and more likely than not are gonna succeed! (That’s soooooo not bitterness you are hearing, I swear I am not bitter!) I can just about get my shit together to decide what I want to do tomorrow and if I’m lucky (and I mean really lucky) I might, just might write a list of things I want to do… and if I do them or not is another matter!

I don’t know sometimes I find that having some kind of end plan for the day can really help me and make me feel like I have achieved something… but, I feel like I handle things like I sometimes handle my coursework… doing everything last minute.

Nothing as simple as it use to be when we were younger, our parents planned pretty much everything, what we wore, our hair, our day and so on. But, as you become older and more responsible those tasks slip to you and a rituals and routines are created. For example, I have the ritual of trying on outfits I know I will never wear out but still do it and then I put on the same outfit I wear pretty much all the time. Or when I wake up the first thing I normally do is lie there for about 10 minutes contemplating my life or lack of and then roll over grab my phone, go throw my emails, Instagram and then Tumblr and maybe if I’m lucky I’ll read.

However, I feel as much as we try to plan, organise and schedule our lives we can never know when something unexpected might happen. People who say everything is going according to plan and everything is on track it might be now, but life is boring if you stick to the plan sometimes… I’m not saying the plan isn’t good. What I am saying is that you might miss out on something amazing like unexpected friendship. If mine and Jay’s life were going according to plan we would both be graduating University around this time next year, for all we know we wouldn’t be friends and I can most probably guarantee you this blog wouldn’t be here. So, maybe straying from the plan can be a good thing.