The Dome #1: The project.

As you have most likely seen there is a page called “The Dome” which is where you can submit some of your work and ideas whether it be art, writing or anything else creative. In this post I have included an extract of a project I have been working on for about half a year, but has had to be put on hold because college work has been in the way… but now summer has arrived it has given me the chance to get back into the swing of writing again.

Ally Cat xx



Things weren’t going her way so Celeste stuck her tongue out at the boys and walked out of the room.

“I see some things don’t change with her.” Lucas laughed.

“What?” I tilted my head to the side.

“She’s the same as when she was younger,” Lucas stated. “Didn’t she tell you guys we were neighbours when she lived in America.”

“No” Kai answered for me, I was still in disbelief that my best friend, the girl I have known for all my life failed to mention the fact that she knew these three boys from her childhood… maybe she forgot. I pray to God she forgot.

She strolls back into the room as if everything were normal, but it is clear to see that she registered the anger on both mine and Kai’s face.

“Do you have something to tell us?” Kai’s voice was strained as she tried not to lose her temper. Ever the calm one Kai was, it was clear that Cel was pushing it at this point.

“I feel like no is the wrong answer… so I’m going to say yes.” Celeste smirks, it infuriates me how easily she can joke when she knows we are pissed at her. But, that hasn’t changed much in all the years that we have known her, she finds it easier to make light of the situation than actually take in the gravity of what’s going on… it’s been like this for a while. It’s been like this since Nova.

“CK!” I exclaim I haven’t called her that in a long time and I didn’t care if she hated the nickname she’s getting on my last nerve. There is only so much of her smug responses and her smirks I can take and I am at full capacity… or I am reaching it quickly.

“What?” she glares at me, I know I am getting to her. The phrase if looks could kill passes through my mind, she has always had a short fused but lately, it’s getting shorter and shorter there is definitely something she’s not telling us and I am 100% sure it has nothing to do with the boys and everything to do with her family.

“Don’t give me that attitude,” I state knowing it will piss her off further. It was wrong to egg her on, but I couldn’t help it. It made it easier to be angry at her.

“I didn’t know you were my mother.” she sneers and I smirk at her knowing that I am getting under her skin.

“Shut up!” Kai raises her voice, taking us both aback Kai rarely shouts. “Why didn’t you tell us?” Kai was the one who had the sweet understanding disposition that was the motherly one in the group, never raising her voice and always ensure we were okay and more times than not taking care of us… she may be younger than us, but she acts older than us.

“Tell you what?” Cel was getting frustrated and she was starting to give us evils. The boys were looking at her just as curiously to her answer as were Kai and me.

Jay here, I told you guys, see, see, she has a gift for writing and this is just the tip cos i’ve read the whole chapter and it gets a lot more juicer than this!