When it’s time for learning; you learn. Me, I go on holiday (Part 1)

It’s not Term Time, it’s Holiday Time.

It is said that a child’s education is something they will carry with them all through life. Pretty essential don’t you think? Funny how I didn’t include myself in that concept. Why you might ask?

I’d rather be lying on a beach than sitting in a dull classroom.

Ally Cat: We all rather be doing that hun.

Yes, you all probably agree with Ally here but the thing is, I’m the one who’s actually living the dream. Ally Cat: Bullshit! OK OK, maybe I’m taking the mick just a little but who can blame me? Can you honestly sit there, be in the position of going on holiday instead of school, go and not be proud of it….exactly!

Well, let’s talk about this year shall we……some of you may not know but this year was quite important to me because it’s the final year before I go to uni – aaaaahhhhh yeeeaaah! So with this in mind, one would think that I would take this year quite seriously because grades need to be kept up, references are being made, extracurricular activities are in full swing, all to show the universities that were viable and deserve a place.

As much as I totally agreed with that I took a slightly different approach.

I know some of you may have that look of “Oh, okay…” What’s she gonna talk about now?? Well, I’m hoping it’s more a look of excitement really but back to my point. As much as I uphold the whole institution of education there are times where it really bores me so I leave it:

1st Stop NYC


Earlier in March, I got to go to this beautiful place which is my favourite city in the world for about 2 weeks – glorious I tell you, just glorious. Anyway, thank God for the family because without them I’d be stuck in my routine of college, home, sleep, eat, church, etc. and that is too mundane for me.

In those two weeks, I went to a party, visited Wall Street, looked around the 9/11 museum, saw the Empire State Building, took the subway and walked along 42nd Street, watched a college basketball game at the Madison Square Garden Centre, jammed with my cousins, had an experience with NY SNOW – all the stories are true – and chilled in my uncle’s amazing house – too cool! See so much adventure outside my habitat and that’s not all.

It seems like I got accustomed to a lot of the nightlife in the city because it was all bright lights for me while over there which was great cos everything looked more beautiful to look at!

2nd Stop Canada

So NY for me was a great early birthday present but the fun didn’t stop there. In May  – which was only a few months later – I found myself on another plane flying to yet another country, just above the one I recently went to! My very first time over there and I cannot stress how beautiful it was. While I was enjoying myself, my friends were finishing off assignments and coursework because the year was coming to an end. Plus they were gearing up for their 150 YEARS of Independence celebration which was cool to see.

3rd Stop Jamaica

Now, once is good, twice okay lucky you but three times mannn you are on another level. That’s right folks after a short stay in Canada which I can’t wait to go back to soon – very soon – I took another flight to the island of Jamaica, the land of my birth! Pretty sick right? Yes totally, I know! Okay jealousy may start to kick in right now and that’s okay but like I said earlier, who wouldn’t want to brag…

Well, I haven’t got a lot to show you from that cos I was always running around trying to find a hotspot because my data was useless over there which had me answering messages a day later or having few precious minutes on a call via WhatsApp. That was hard but I did do some pretty cool things like: Drinking water from a natural coconut; it’s quite refreshing!

Have any of you gone on holiday when you should have been studying or working? Share your adventures!!!