Review: Everything, Everything

Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

Rating: 4 out of 5.

This book… this book was something else. I loved it! It was the perfect summer read, sitting by the pool tanning while hanging onto the words of this story. It was a book filled with possibilities, adventure and taking chances. I loved every second of this, the only thing I wish is that I picked it up sooner.

Everything, Everything is about a girl called Madeline who has spent her life living in a protective bubble. When she was a baby it was found that she had a rare allergy, called SKID which meant she is allergic to practically everything. So, because of her illness it means that Maddy is not able to leave the safety of her own home. Maddy lives with her mum, who is also her doctor, and she has a nurse named Carla who comes everyday to look after her. Maddy is happy with her life which consists of books and game nights with her mum, until the day a new family moves in next door and a boy catches her eye.

The book was executed flawlessly. There was fantastic integration of pictures and graphs throughout which added more to the charm of the novel. It has short chapters that makes it so easy to fly through the book and keeps you hooked so you won’t want to put it down. The wait to see what will happen to see if it was something good or bad had me holding my breath, but I was not waiting for what welcomed me at the end. The writing felt personal almost like a diary and it made me feel closer to Maddy as if she was there with me telling me the story over a cup of coffee or something.

Maddy is wise and the amount of strength she has through out the book blows my mind, for someone who lives so separated and enclosed in a bubble both literally and metaphorically. She is so wise. Another thing I love is that Maddy is a diverse character she is of Japanese/African American decent.

Olly warmed my heart, when you learn his backstory and you see how and why he’s so protective over the people he loves. His need to ensure Maddy is okay and protected made me smile. The messages between Olly and Maddy are another aspect of the novel that made me smile and laugh (yes I laughed out loud on the sun bed in front of families and very cute guys). He truly opened her eyes to all the possibilities around her… around them.

The best part is it all felt natural, fresh and organic, the friendship, the romance, the feeling of family and there fierce feeling of needing to protect the ones you love.