Apply to University #2: Student Finance.

This is the second next big step. Much like UCAS any mistakes in this process can cause massive problems, but this is worse because mistakes in your student finance application can mean that you won’t get your loan when you start which can be problematic.

So like UCAS we suggest you take great care when filling it out. It is very straight forward, but the way they ask questions can be a little confusing.

That’s why we are here to help, we relied on each other when filling this out so don’t feel that you have to do everything by yourself, if you have friends who’ve gone through this or who are going through it alongside you; use them. Never be afraid to ask for help! This is also good because it allows you to bounce off each other answering each others questions. It honestly makes the process a lot quicker.

The application can be long-winded so make sure you give yourself enough time to complete it. You can save and continue later but remember you’re against the clock so don’t put it off for to long or you just may run out of time.