Typical Routines – we all have them

Are you the type of person that has a minute by minute plan of your day that you know exactly what you’re doing and when you’re doing it?

You don’t? Me either lol

I don’t understand how people can plan like that, I mean what if something unexpected happens do they then change the rest of the day to accommodate that? It’s very limiting if you ask me.

Now most of us don’t account for every minute of our lives; for those who do – good luck with that! We say that we don’t have routines planned out and memorised but if you think about it we all have routines in different ways we just don’t realise it.

When you wake up, some stretch and get up, some grumble at the day, and go back to sleep, some just sit there for a few minutes to actually find the strength and willpower to get up, others reach for the phone or partner as the first thing. All of which are forms of routine because we do it every single day without fail!

Whether you do one, some, all of them, its become such a habit to us that it’s not even a conscious thought; it just happens right. The movement is committed to memory – muscle memory like riding a bike.

It becomes not even second nature but our actual nature

So the next time you go through the day, see what you do without thinking. It doesn’t matter how small if its repeated you’ve got a habit, more than three times it’s your go too and if its every day then you got yourself a routine!

Comment some of yours below, one of mine is just grumbling or sitting there for a few minutes…