Stand by me…

In this world we are lucky to be graced with some of the most beautiful, heart warming, treasurable, caring people who we get to call our friends. Some of these friends we have known for our whole lives, others through school (primary or secondary school), college, university, work, even fast friends made at events, festivals and gigs or on the internet.

These are the people we trust to have standing at our sides and in our lives to see us at our worse and best. The shoulder we cry on, the person we hug, the person we turn to share the brilliant news we have or the person we seek advice from. They listen, they wait, they laugh, they talk and they work with us.

But, the sad part is not all friendships are true and pure some are toxic and cruel. People use people to get what they want, friends trust people they barely know over someone they’ve known for years. They can leave us broken and confused wondering where you went wrong and what you did wrong, when the answer was nothing… you did nothing to deserve their cruel treatment and harsh words, but it just happens and you never really know why.

So, instead of dwelling on the friends you’ve lost, look to the ones you have and show them the love and support you’d want to see. You should never regret a friendship no matter how bad it was, because we can learn from those and we can find ways to change those experiences into something that taught us there is always something better out there!

Stand by the ones you have in your lives. Stand by the love you have for them.