Summer, Summer, Summer Time!

So, we are midway through summer and I feel like I haven’t achieved anything I wanted to. I went on a short break with my mum and gran for about ten days and it was a lot of fun… kinda stressful but it was nice. It was something that I needed. I needed a break from the stress of my everyday life and the people I know, it sounds harsh but drama seems to follow me like a storm cloud and it’s not fun. It makes me laugh because it is never my drama, it is always someone else’s. If I’m 100% honest it even followed me on holiday. There were moments I wished I left my phone at home or even just left my SIM card at home.

But, near the end of the trip, I could not wait to get home. To be in my own room, in my own bed… I guess back to everything that comforts me. My summer hasn’t been everything I have envisioned, but I guess the way to rectify this is by making plans and taking the chance to experience new things and explore while I still have the time. I guess the phrase I am looking for is “Carpe Diem” – seize the day! This is my final summer before uni and I kinda want to make it memorable, I’m finally spreading my wings and becoming the person that I want to be and maybe, just maybe I will see the change in me that I’ve always wanted to see! I guess this is the summer that I start to make those changes… I might be starting a little late but at least I am starting, that’s the most important thing.

The first step is rekindling old friendships from high school and making plans to explore new places and enjoy the day. I just need to become less like a sloth and more productive with my days, I need to break my bad habits and become more productive so that I feel like I am actually achieving something within that day… so, I guess that is my second step – break bad habits.

There are so many possibilities for this summer, so many books that I can read and so many places that I can explore the possibilities are truly endless! I feel like I say this every year and even though it holds some truth I never end up doing it… and I don’t know why maybe it’s fear or a lack of confidence. I truly don’t know. But, hopefully, this year I will make the change I want. I will read the books I want to. I will rekindle the lost friendships and make up for lost time. I will explore while I have the freedom and the little stress to do so.

I hopefully will take the chance and seize the day!