How’s it going, GUYS?!…

So you wanted to know a little bit about me huh?

I’m Jazzy, but I’m more commonly known as Jay – Hi.  I love, love, love, love books more than the average teen because I think they freakin’ Awesome! Think about it, without them we would have the Greats: Charles Dickens…Jane Austen…Roald Dahl…AllyCat

Ally Cat: Don’t get your hopes up, Jay!

Yes. You guessed correctly, I am definitely a self-proclaimed BOOKWORM and COOL GEEK. Reading is a very big part of my life; a major part actually, I mean I always have a book in my bag cos I can’t survive the day without one.

Other than the written word I do like other things such as music, drawing, writing blogs, watching movies, shopping, games, getting my friends out of trouble, watching the news – when it doesn’t bore me – a certain interest in politics etc. A lot really, just like any other average young adult.

To those who truly know me, I’m completely insane!

Ally Cat: Damn right!!!

Enjoy traveling with us through our lives which are always an adventure!