A house, A home

Moving Out…I figured this counts as a pretty big adventure!

You know this whole preparation for Uni thing really does get on my nerves sometimes. I have spent the last few months looking for a place to stay for my first year at university, considering the fact that I won’t be able to commute from London to Birmingham I thought it would be in my best interest to move out!

We all know the stages of moving out: excitement, wonder, general curiosity; the disturbing fact of missing our family, friends we’ve seen every day for the past two, three, four years – even though when asked, will deny it with every fiber of our being. All because we crave the feeling of absolute freedom, just as much as it scares the hell out of us of actually achieving it.

My experience is not so different than everyone else’s in that regard which made finding a place that much more interesting. First off, flicking through a lot of housing sites like Rightmove and Zoopla didn’t really help me, not to mention the admin fees; no, just no. After countless hours of that, I found Spareroom. That right there was a Godsend which allowed me to find potential places months before I actually needed to.

It wasn’t easy.

I wanted to find a place, that wasn’t just a house but a place I could call my home. Mine.

So through a lot of sweat and a few tears – if I’m honest – I found my perfect place, with no admin fees. Yeaaaah! But I will give you the advice of not leaving this thing too late if you’re like me who worries about things waaay more than they should and get a giant headstart – great! If not and you decide not to give yourself even a headstart you may find yourself without a place to live because places go very quickly. Trust ME.